Apr. 9th, 2009


Apr. 9th, 2009 01:18 pm
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My old pincushion was always a pain. You know, those red and green, vaguely tomato-like ones you get in the notions department. Mine was a cheapie, and the green top was *glued* on, which made it impervious to pins. Pain in the ass. Since I have embarked on a major sewing binge (more on this later) the annoyance was growing. So, today I'd suddenly had enough and decided to make a better pincushion. Felting to the rescue!

First, I took a good length of natural grey roving and wrapped it into a huge ball. Filled the dishpan full of hot, soapy water and went to work; squishy, squishy, squishy. In a few minutes it began to cohere really well. The fulling went quickly, too. (I use a paint tray liner in lieu of a washboard; it works perfectly.) I ended up with a somewhat flattened ball which reminded me of a rock. And that made me think that a rock needs moss or something to pretty it up. Perfect time to try out my new toy: felting needles!

I had a blast playing around, adding mists of green and brown here and there to approximate moss, and then a bunch of teeny, tiny flowers. I was thinking vaguely of stonecrop and lichen as I worked – not that the result is in any way botanically accurate. I like the look and that's all that matters.

And, speaking of botanical improbability, there's this blue rose on a vine-like stem. Hee!

Playing around is fun.

Then, to finish things off, I needle-felted a ring of grey Berber yarn to the underside, to make the pincushion sit firmly, which worked very nicely.

Voila! I pitched out the tacky old tomato and will use this from now on. It's lovely to have beautiful tools.


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