Nov. 23rd, 2009

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It was time for a logo for Weaverbird Designs. I've always wanted one because logos are cool, and it would come in handy, especially now that I am selling a piece of jewelry now and then – and may at some point sell beaded ornaments. I wanted something simple and a bit abstract. And it had to be black and white, so that I could print hang tags or whatever on my laser printer. So I asked a graphic designer friend, Crystal Burnett of if she was interested in a trade: logo for jewelry. To my delight she said yes! Working from my description of what I was looking for – terribly vague and unhelpful – she created this lovely thing:

What do you think? I'm over the moon –I keep grinning at the print out of it I've got tacked up next to my monitor and going, "I CAN HAZ LOGO!" (My inner lolcat got loose in all the excitement, clearly.) More than worth what I traded for it, in my opinion.
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A necklace with matching earrings:

The necklace started with the focal bead, which is a Cellini spiral made of #12 black AB, #10 black, and #6 black AB seed beads. I strung the necklace around it. It's tigertail strung with #6 black and black AB seed beads, plus black glass puffy rectangles (like Chiclets) and black dyed wood points. Mag clasp and crimp cover beads. 17.25" long. Earrings to match. Crystal is pleased with them - she tells me she is wearing them to a big party on Saturday- and I am pleased with my logo. All is well with the world.


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