Jan. 3rd, 2010

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New gadget glee! I got one of those bead-stringer bowls and have been having great fun with it. It's perfect for keeping my hands busy while watching movies, the way some folks knit. You can click to a video demo from that page I linked above. And it really does work as shown. Very cool.

It only came with one needle, and that broke (I might have hurried the process by forcing the occasional small-holed bead over the eye. Heh.) so I have to wait until my next Fire Mountain order to lay in a supply of needles. But I finished this before the needle gave out.

34" long, 40 strands. It weighs over 10 ounces. The beads are a random mix I bought on clearance several years ago for something like seven dollars for a pound, if I recall. Always had a necklace like this in mind but the thought of stringing the beads by hand put me off.

Since this bead mix is unique – and I don't do well at creating multi-hued mixes on my own – I'm considering making up some monochrome mixes to string more necklaces. A single color bead in several styles (transparent, opaque, silver-lined, inside-color) and finishes (luster, rainbow, matte, shiny) should make a gorgeous blend.


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