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Eeeeeeeeeee! It's done. Done at last! There aren't enough exclamation points to express my glee.

This necklace wins the prize for most false starts and most re-designs of anything I've actually gone ahead and finished. Usually when something is as reluctant as this piece was to get made, I take the hint and give up or at least put it aside for a while, but not this time. And the effort was so worth it. See?

Pretty, eh?

32 inches long, made of:
Hazelnuts, spray painted gold
42 grams size 11 seed beads, a mix of ΒΌ each color: amber translucent, amber matte, root beer translucent, and root beer matte.
Gold Nymo

I wove the netted tube first and filled it with the hazelnuts. Made cuffs of tubular peyote to slip over the outside of the net between each nut. Like this:

Then I picked up the points of one end of the net, adding beads to make a ring of 11 beads and worked tubular peyote, thus:

Once each side was long enough I 'zipped' the two ends together for an invisible join.

The original plan had been to use silver or gold rocaille beads but the first tests were too glittery (not a thing I thought I'd ever say). I tried them with gilded hazelnuts and also with silver-painted ones. No dice. The brown/amber mix was a long shot, but it worked. Very autumnal, I think. It'll go great with this shirt



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