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I tried working some flat peyote stitch with Delicas today. Wow. I see why people get so attached to them. Too bad they are three to five times as expensive as the humble Japanese seed beads I usually use. They are worth it, but damn. I only have these because an acquaintance was tidying up her stash a number of years ago and gave me a few grams of four colors, no doubt in the hopes of converting me. They've been sitting in my stash ever since, smirking at me. So today I threaded a #12 sharp with some black "O" size Nymo and gave them a try. I made myself a ring.

Right from the start I was impressed. The first two/three rows of flat peyote can be a bitch with regular seed beads, but these, with their squared-off ends, practically lock together with hardly any effort on my part. I started with a coppery/black AB, but after a few rows got tired of it and changed them out, along the diagonal, for a gunmetal slate blue. The surface of the fabric reminds me of fish scales or metal mesh - it's so smooth and flexible. And the edges are gloriously straight and tight.

Once the strip, 10 beads wide, was long enough to fit round my finger I zipped the ends and was done. I really love it, too. No doubt about it, there are more Delicas in my future. Alas. *g*


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