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Shiny! Peyote stitch, with a beaded toggle and loop closure. Fun to make and very instructive.

Most bands are woven crosswise, but I wove this lengthwise for a couple reasons.

First, I wondered if I could zip it into a tube, around a core of mop cord, and then zip the ends together to make a bangle much more quickly than the usual method of using tubular peyote. Turns out, zipped tubes have almost *no* flex - so this would have been an 8" long stick. (and yes, I zipped it shut just to see for myself) Hee. Um, no thanks. On to Plan B.

Second idea: by making it longwise, I have very cleverly (*ahem*) given myself edges that just beg for added embellishment. It will be simple to work a row of druk beads or seed pearls or fringe or, really, anything along each edge, using the "up" beads of the last row. Not only handy for making the kind of fancy-fussy bracelet some people love (if, say, a paying customer asked for such a thing), but edge embellishment would do much to disguise the relatively minor but discernable problems I had controlling tension. There are slight ripples along the 8" length - something I hadn't anticipated and which isn't generally a problem with pieces worked crosswise, which tend to be narrower.

The closure is toggle and loop, made to blend into the bracelet. I made a tubular bead using the bracelet colors and attached it to the band with two-bead wide strip that matched the beads it was sewn to. The loop is likewise made of the same colors. It's a strip worked in peyote - just the first three rows - to make a textured loop - and sewn to the band.

Overall I like it and I learned much. A win.
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