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There's a group on Ravelry for people who commit to spinning for 10 minutes each day. That caught my imagination, so I got the wheel out of the den, where it has languished for what seems like forever (two years and nine months to the day, actually), and sat down this morning, intending to spend 10 minutes. Two hours later….

I didn't spin all of this today, mind you! It was mostly done back in March '07, like so:

when I got sidetracked by something – the story of my life – and never got around to going back to finish up. Feels good to have finally done so! And, considering I've not done a lick of spinning in all that time, the newer yarn looks pretty good. Not as even or smooth as the stuff from '07 when I was in practice, but not too bad. The next yarn should come up to my old standard, I hope.

This bobbinful has been an interesting learning experience. It's a variegated merino roving from The Yarn Wench, about half of the 4 oz or so that I bought in this colorway, that I'm spinning very fine with the intention of making Navajo 3-ply out of it. I'd never spun merino before and I find that I prefer a longer staple; this was so short that it kept trying to get away from me. It spins up beautifully fine, but I'm not a diligent enough spinner for merino. Give me Romney or Coopworth any day; I can spin them in my sleep – or while chatting, as I used to do at spinning demos - or looking around and daydreaming. Merino wanted more attention than that. Still, it sure is pretty. Can't wait to see what it feels like plied up and with the twist set.

Now I've got to decide what to spin next. I've got a half dozen more variegated rovings from Lynn at the Yarn Wench – all of them gorgeous. Some each of Romney, Falkland, Domestic and Blue-Faced Leicester. It's an embarrassment of riches, is what it is. Decisions, decisions. I've never spun BFL before which makes it perhaps not the best choice while I'm still rusty – but I like the blue/green colorway best… Nah, I'll go with some nice familiar Romney - in a most unusual-for-me color. Meet Hoochie Mama:


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