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How I love making tube beads. It's such fun to make a pretty little rectangle of flat peyote and then zip it closed to create a bead. They are so sturdy and yet squishable, and the design possibilities are boundless. For example:

Blue spiral
I like the contrast between the matte and shiny blue beads in this.

Christmas spiral
Made these for my sister, the Christmas fanatic. I also made her a pair with silver in place of the gold, and a third pair in all opaque beads.

Pink spiral
The textural effect created by using transparent, inside-color, and opaque beads together was an unexpected bonus.

Rainbow squid .
The fringe was added on the suggestion of a friend. I was doubtful, but she was right; it works great. Then we got silly and called it a squid and the name stuck. *g*

Flat peyote can be tricky to start – the first three or four rows, before things firm up, are a pain. And even the next few rows can be tough because there isn't much to hold onto as you work. That is, unless you use a starting strip. This nifty little widget made from a free pattern available at Suzanne Cooper's site, makes starting flat peyote a breeze.

And, for something completely different: Shell chips
These were ridiculously simple to make – I just stacked chips on a headpin, with seed beads as spacers. Perhaps 15 minutes' work to complete both earrings, and much of that was spent sorting through the bowl of shell chips to find matching sets. The recipient, though, was very pleased, which is what counts.
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