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These are even more fun than tube beads. They look so complex when all they are is pure even-count tubular peyote using graduated sizes of beads. How many different size beads you use determines how sharp the slope of the spiral walls. I'm using 15/0 as the smallest size in each of these, with varying combinations of 12/0, 11/0, 10/0, 8/0 and 6/0 for the rest. You can use each size bead once in the progression or multiple times, depending on the shape you are going for – and you can make the two slopes of the spiral symmetrical or not. And then there is color (and finish) and all the endless possibilities to that aspect of the design.

I start and end each bead with a few rows of 15/0 alone, adding the other sizes in succession to give the bead a finished look. This also gives me nice even openings for the glass druk beads I use on the head pin to stabilize the spiral when assembling the earrings.

I'll be ringing changes on this idea for a long time, I can tell.

Blue bead
Several sizes of my favorite cobalt, made large to be a slider bead on a necklace for me, like so:

Green spiral
Combined shiny and matte finishes in this one to add more depth.

Bluegreen spiral
Playing with color.

Black spiral
I added the silver beads to this for drama, but what makes the piece is the double line of graphite grey 12/0 beads, I think.

Red/Crystal spiral
These have everything – transparent red, silver-lined red, transparent rainbow (two sizes) and silver-lined – very glitzy.


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