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Since I'd started morning glory and nasturtium seedlings for Dad and my sister, I couldn't resist growing just a few for myself, even though there isn't really any space to garden here. I had the bright idea to plant them at the edge of the walk, where I *hope* they will be safe from the hulking landscapers with their monster weed-whackers. It's also the sunniest spot in the very shady back yard. So I'm hopeful.

Then came the question, what will they climb on until they can reach the railing? A trellis is necessary, but I'm not buying anything – given the likelihood that the whole project will come to nothing… hmmm. Aha! Macrame! I dug out a ball of twine and measured the spacing of the balusters (what? I can't NOT be a geek about things!), did some calculations, cut the lengths and began to knot. I used overhand knots, since this was purely functional and anything more complex would pretty much be a waste. Once it was done, I fastened it to the deck with clear push-pins at the top of each baluster, right beneath the hand rail, and then at intervals down the side (less impact than nails, and easy to remove). Ta-da!

Now to see if the seedlings take off and grow. *fingers crossed*


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